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Documentary with difference

Brouss Ngunanti Chambers has been involved with Anangu (people) in Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands in Central Australia since being asked to come help with pastoral and administrative work half a lifetime ago. He's visited many Aboriginal communities aound Australia but returns to his home community at Pukatja whenever reasonably possible.


Although born in Birrarung country and now living in Taungurong country in Victoria, Pukatja became Brouss's home and place of real peace and belonging, for this is where he was accepted and shown and taught local culture by his elders there, several of whom have now passed away. He was given the name of long-deceased and honoured elder Tommy Ngunanti as a sign of the respect in which the community holds him, and was thus integrated into the family system as father of Gordon Ingkatji and Andy Tjilari, and as uncle of Cooky Nyaningu


In 2011 senior Pitjantjatjara elder Rev. Peter 'Cooky' Nyaningu of Ngarutjara asked Brouss to write his biography and to film and record his personal messages and teaching, while he is still alive. Other elders have since become involved so truly, this promises to become a series of documentaries with a difference.

- Jane Belfrage


Time now: let our wise elders teach

My name is Joseph. B. Geia, I am a singer/songwriter and am of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander descent. I have reviewed and read and fully understand and support the documenting of the Pitjantjatjara project, Beyond The Dreaming.

I wish to encourage and hope to inspire many other believers and culture lovers that such a project is a must. So I call on all Australians both Indigenous and non-Indigenous to firstly ask yourselves, "Why is there a large suicide rate in our Aboriginal communities around Australia?" "Is there something missing in our Indigenous youth of the 21st century?"

Let me start by saying that yes there is. From Monday to Friday 9am-3pm we have chosen to spend all this time with teachers of the English language and culture - while our teachers of Aboriginal culture stand and watch their students and children draw more towards the introductions and learning of western society teachings. These are very sad and lonely moments for our traditional elders and teachers of Aboriginal culture and customs.

Pitjantjatjara elder (teacher & custodian) Cooky Nyaningu and Brouss Ngunanti Chambers, helper and editor of Beyond The Dreaming project believe, "Time now, before it's to late" - that this documentary and the information and teaching that they intend to publish and film is the concrete foundation, the pride strengthener and the missing spirit of our young Indigenous youth of today. 

I would like to donate a continuous direct debit of $20 to this most valuable project Beyond The Dreaming. A revitalization and educational documentary of true Aboriginal traditions and customs. 

I wish to encourage and hope to inspire the many of our home country to do the same.

- Joe Geia


This is a wonderful and necessary project 

So many of us are still ignorant of Aboriginal customs and their relation to the land. I was sitting looking out my back windows this morning thinking how peaceful it must have been and how lovely the land must have been before whites came here and passed on their "culture" of drinking, clearing the land, mining and exterminating animal and plant species.

I will be very happy to give you any help that I can.

- Irene Bolger