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APY Land Rights Act (1981) under threat. APY Chairperson bullied.

Friends! The APY Chairperson Trevor Yawirki Adamson's FB page deserves publicity. Because of issues unfolding right now I'd like you to LIKE, then SHARE the page far and wide. For the sake of the APY Land Rights Act (1981) that page needs THOUSANDS of likes, and thousands of visits and 'likes' on its articles - both from Australia AND international. Please help Trevor and I (Brouss Ngunanti Chambers) by drawing attention to the page.

My role? I'm Trevor's unpaid, un-compromised, authorised representative and assistant. A voice for the voiceless.

- Trevor is my pakali (grandson).

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Go to: https://www.facebook.com/From-The-APY-Executive-Chairperson-Trevor-Adamson-717337881754053/

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