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NAB (National Bank)

Our account name is Beyond The Dreaming

BSB: 083-644

Account No: 132886050

Beyond The Dreaming is a tiny, Incorporated Aboriginal Heritage Association applying time and resources to greater understanding. We are not about profit.

Our primary goal is recording many short messages of history, teaching and advice - and respect for the Land - on location at specific and remote Pitjantjatjara-Yankunytjatjara sites. We have also recorded some material concerning the disastrous consequences of the illegal British nuclear testing on Pitjantjatjara Land at Maralinga, with more filming yet to follow. 

We're a non-commercial group. We work at deeply personal levels, slowly and thoroughly - without seeking grants from government or from media organisations, and without needing to pay dividends to investors or conform to any group's editorial bias. We maintain a strict shoestring budget and do quite a lot with a little help from our friends - because we don't even draw wages! And we're very thankful for people wishing us well, however even the most profound good wishes can not coax the car to run without fuel. Wiya. Not even a millimetre..

What can one person do?

"Mm. I can only offer $20. Doesn't seem enough. Maybe I won't send it."

If ten people who are worrying like that did send it in, there'd be $200 - about enough diesel to get Broussy from Pukatja down to Maralinga - and strand him there!


Senior Pitjantjatjara elder Cooky Nyaningu has requested this work be done, and our intention is to make a positive difference by working (part-time) for as long as possible to bring these messages to fruition.

Current senior elders who were brought up amidst virtually intact Pitjantjatjara culture still have much to give and teach. What we record will be available to future generations seeking not only Tjukurpa songs and stories but the knowledge and wisdom of these elders, applied to contemporary issues.

We still believe small is beautiful - despite the argument regarding 'economies of scale..'

With folk like yourself willing to donate perhaps a one-off amount, or making small periodic contributions, we can actually succeed and continue! Over time we will make a positive difference to future understanding.

Each year we intend to make at least one 6 to 8 week trip to Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands for filming. Each trip is approx 7500 km return. The vehicle is privately owned and is provided gratis. Our major ongoing costs are fuel, maintenance & repair of equipment, tyres, parts and servicing - and food for elders: about $3500-$4000 per trip.

We purchase supplies appropriate for living and operating in remote desert areas and periodically replace basic camp gear and maintain our recording equipment.

The Land Rover is provided with its own equipment. Ngunanti has covered the project's setup costs (approx $4200 to date) including a digital video camera, memory cards, remote mike, backup hardware, satellite phone, GPS, batteries, chargers etc. and editing equipment.

Unlike many typical documentaries, each short message will be preserved in its entirety. We also intend recording and filming on location at significant sites in very remote areas known to be of interest to mining companies so that before the bribing kicks in, before the rush and confusion and division and tears when this beautiful APY country is under threat of desecration, the current elders who with their families once lived and moved through these places in the traditional way, can sing and tell the country's songs and stories on record - with their own messages of advice about life.

Other ways you can help:

  1. Tell your friends about what we do, and that yes, it costs. Give them our web address.
  2. Stay connected: Join our Facebook page.
  3. Consider in-kind donations of materials or equipment we need.

Wish List:

  1. Diesel fuel (or funds for fuel)
  2. Non-perishable food
  3. Airbag rear suspension inserts for the Defender
  4. A bull-bag type exhaust jack
  5. Contributions to help with web hosting expenses.

Every person's donation is vital and appreciated.

We are small so your help really will make a difference!

We will not compromise this: Even if Gina Rinehart, Andrew Forrest or any mining group were to offer us serious finance we would staunchly refuse their money on moral and ethical grounds, knowing it has strings attached. We are definitely not for sale; not remotely interested in helping them or their ilk because these celebrated entrepreneurs routinely cause division and confusion amongst Aboriginal people, attacking the very fabric of every Aboriginal community they deal with. They divide and conquer by appealing to the lowest common denominator - the very lowest. And as Bob Dylan says, money doesn't just talk, it swears.

We're really glad to film this series. We're witnessing the fading of an era and know that within both the Australian government and the mining sector are greedy players who can hardly wait for the current senior eldership to pass away. These ruthless profiteers want to be rid of the old ways of respecting the Land. What they're doing is terribly wrong. Here's a link to an article in ARENA concerning the NT Intervention:


Please read the article & share with friends. Is the NT Intervention a power-monger fraud to break Aboriginal culture, destroy Land Rights, control the people and expose these precious Lands to open cut mining? Will Gina, Twiggy, Palmer & co become even richer, then find too late that it wasn't worth it - cos they can't take it with them when they die?